Start as you mean to go on

I rang in the new year last night at the Andrew WK show at Irving Plaza, where Rob’s punk/metal karaoke band was one of the opening acts. Here, our friend Aaron is onstage with them doing MC5’s “Kick Out the Jams”

20140101-112610.jpgI have to confess that I didn’t really know anything about Andrew WK before they booked this gig. I mean, I knew that he existed and that he was kind of a party dude; I saw people retweeting his “party tips” from time to time. Between that and the photo he uses as his avatar, I’d somehow gotten the idea that he was a DJ who was sort of a bastard child of Russell Brand and Mark Ronson. Once Rob stopped laughing long enough to show me some videos, he described him as a very positive, earnest rock n roll guy. And he is. He’s all about joy and happiness and he puts on a hell of a fun show. He’s a sweetheart and all of the musicians he plays with are really lovely and friendly. I have all the warm feelings in the world for him. [sidenote: I’ve been relistening to the audiobook of Tana French’s Faithful Place, which is set in Dublin, and I’ve been charmed by the way some of the characters refer to sweet people (those they dote on) as “dotes,” which I love (“ah, he’s a little dote, he is.”) but don’t think I could ever pull off–I’d be afraid people would think I was calling them dolts. Still, Andrew WK is a dote, sure.]


Later in the set, there was a guy in a gorilla suit playing some kind of percussion instrument that involved hitting a block with a stick.


And now it’s New Year’s Day, which is my favorite day. I love thinking about the year ahead and what I can do today, right now, to set the tone I want. More live music. More writing here. We’re heading out for brunch at a favorite neighborhood spot in a minute, then I’m going to spend the afternoon doing a bit of work on all of the knitting and sewing projects I currently have in circulation, probably while watching some BBC crime dramas. I bought myself a rotary cutter and its accoutrements for Christmas, so I’d like to teach myself how to use it. I’m going to make some hoppin’ john later and work on a couple of proposals for projects I want to do this year, some of which are writing and some of which are knit design projects. Maybe we’ll take a walk around Prospect Park. I’ll paint my nails (increased fanciness in 2014!).

Another New Year’s Day tradition for me is to cast on a new sweater. This year, I think it’s going to be an Alga out of my recently finished ombre handspun. I swatched the yarns a few days ago and am really happy with how they look together.



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