Catching up: a list

1. I have new glasses!
A little over a month ago, I went to my (fabulous) eye doctor and learned that something was rotten with the state of my inner eyelids. There was … texture where there should be only smoothness. So I wasn’t allowed to wear my contacts for about a month and had to deal with glasses that were several prescription updates out of date. Like, I couldn’t read street signs unless I was standing right under them. I had a lot of awkward moments at a professional conference when I literally had no idea who was talking to me or waving at me or, worse, trying to get my attention from more than an arm’s length away and thinking I was ignoring them. It was a blurry, dreamlike month and one I’m not particularly interested in repeating. Happily, my strict adherence to my regime of several kinds of eyedrops administered many, many times a day has cleared things up enough that I’m back in contacts again, but not all day and not every day. So, since they’re a big part of my life again, I figured I’d get some new glasses. I had heard good things about Classic Specs and I really like the direct-to-consumer approach they take. I went to the Brooklyn Flea a few weeks ago to try on the frames in person and ended up ordering two:I’m really happy with the glasses themselves and with the Classic Specs guys. They comped the surcharge for the high-octane lenses I require on one of the pairs, an unnecessary nicety, since they were having trouble with their fax and I had to send my prescription through twice. Being able to try stuff on in person was great, especially since the two I ended up ordering weren’t ones I was originally considering. I think they arrived within a week of placing the order. And you can’t beat the price; I took my vintage frames to an optician near work to have the lenses changed out and it’s costing me more for that than for two pairs of frames WITH lenses and one special-lenses-for-the-blind-girl fee.

2. I made this pizza and it was delicious.

3. I saw Jason Schwartzman on the street today. He looks like every other dude in Brooklyn and only caught my eye because he was wearing a weirdly gigantic windbreaker.

4. The crabapples are blooming! This is my favorite shade of pink.

5. I’ve been knitting. I’m almost done with Buttercup.It’s a pretty straightforward knit and the only things I’m changing are crocheting around the neck instead of picking up and knitting (tried, was either too loose and floppy or too tight) and doing a hemmed lower edge instead of whatever the pattern calls for. That’ll help weigh it down and drape nicely, as well as look tidier. The yarn is three strands of laceweight held together: two of the burgandy cashmere/silk and one black merino. So it’s a little tweedy, a little shiny, very soft. It’ll be superdreamy once I wash all of the spinning oils out. I don’t know how much wear I’ll actually get out of this, since I don’t really like handknits when it’s warm enough for short sleeves, but it would work under a jacket or cardigan when it’s cooler and it’s flattering and was a good use for this yarn, which I’ve had kicking around for a really long time.

I’m also working on a pretty dull stockinette scarf in the most fabulous ombre yarn EVAH.It’s slow going, but the end result will be lovely. My plan is to block it as hard as I can to make it as drapy as possible. I tried it out in a couple of other patterns, but when I thought about ombre items I want to wear, realized that I’d just prefer it as a large stockinette rectangle.

Ripple Me This

When we last saw my ripple blanket, it looked like this:

But now, it looks like THIS:

Huh. This is actually a much less dramatic reveal than I thought it would be. I suppose I should have taken the new photo in the same sparkling sunshine as the first one and maybe not on my phone, but oh well. It’s been two weeks or so since I’ve posted anything and my guiding principle is to not let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Or the done. Trust me though; the blanket looks way better it did. Everything is more in balance. All of the purples are equidistant from all of the other purples. That screamy beige has gone the way of the dodo. It’s better.