Pumpkin smoothie

I’ve been wanting to try Brett Bara’s pumpkin smoothie recipe since I first saw it. I finally got all of the ingredients this week and can report that it’s delicious, creamy and sweet and the tiniest bit tart from the cider. Measuring all of the ingredients was a little fiddly, but I have a good enough sense of the proportions now to wing it going forward.


Raw milk

Last winter, my brother took me to a farm where he sometimes buys cheese for his restaurant so that we could meet the farmer, a woman whose hand, when she shook mine, was so calloused and beautifully used that my own soft and varnished paws made me feel like the last coddled and inbred remnant of a soon-to-be-extinct monarchy, and also to get me some raw milk. Apparently, when Geoff first brought the subject up with her, she asked him, a little suspiciously, why I wanted it, since it’s not really legal to sell and I could have been an undercover dairy inspector setting up some sort of very small-scale sting operation. But he just replied, “She’s from Brooklyn,” which, it’s handy to know, apparently will excuse any precious or outlandish behavior one cares to engage in in the Northeast Kingdom.

Up to and including taking photos of bottles of milk with one’s phone.

It was delicious.


It’s a little hard to imagine, on this 69F November day, that I’m going to need these anytime soon, but I know the day will come. I wished for fingerless mittens all last winter, since the heating in the office where I work was unpredictable at best. I could have broken down and bought some, or pulled myself together to knit a pair, but somehow never got around to it, mostly because any time I was in a position to do either of those things, I was somewhere warm…

Anyway, I have this lovely pair of Dashings now, knit from some leftover handspun (romney/alpaca with a bit of glitz, if I remember correctly). I think each mitt took me two evenings of not especially rigorous knitting and I’m pretty happy with how they turned out; I like how long they are and the bit of cable detailing. I’d never knit handwear before these that didn’t call for a thumb gusset though, and the sight of the thumbs jutting out of the  like that is a bit jarring. They fit comfortably enough and look fine on though, so I’m calling this a win.

Happy haulidays!

So, Chronicle Books, publishers of all sorts of awesome stuff, is having a pretty remarkable giveaway. They’re giving away $500 worth of books to one blogger and one commenter on the winning blog post, plus $500 worth of books to a charity of the winner’s choice (ETA: I’d go with FirstBook). Check out the details here. It was a lot of fun to put my dream list together; $500 goes a long way when we’re talking about books, even nice, hardcover books. And it was interesting to see what kind of things appealed to me. Would I ever have guessed that I would be interested in so many books of stencils? No, I would not.

total: $487.20

Thank you for indulging me! Let me know if you decide to enter too. In the meantime, here is a picture of some super-glowy leaves I took yesterday while I was walking to work: