Before and After

A few months ago, I took home 14 balls of Jaeger Luxury Tweed from a yarn swap. It was lovely yarn, but a color that I wasn’t particularly interested in:
Originally, I was thinking I’d overdye it all a deep teal, but I had a bit of black and burgandy dye on hand, so used that instead. I stuffed it all in my dyepot and hoped for the best.
Considering all of the black dye I used, I thought I’d end up with something much darker, but I do love how it turned out. Now to think of something to do it with all…

Celia, you’re breaking my heart

Except not really, because this pattern is awesome. I am one slow crocheter and even I managed to knock out Kim Werker‘s Celia Circle Scarf in three days. It would have taken even less time, but I didn’t bring a spare skein with me when I was out of town this past weekend (rookie mistake). Here it is after weaving the stitches in, but before blocking.

For some reason that I can’t quite figure out, the pattern stitch in the lower portion of mine appears to be on the diagonal, while the upper bit in the same stitch has a much stronger vertical line the way Kim’s original did. No matter. I learned some new ways of putting stitches together and towards the end, was much better at reading the fabric than I was at the beginning, which were my main goals for this project. Plus, I was able to support a friend’s creative endeavor, used up some cashmere/silk tweed yarn I’ve had hanging around for a while, and got an adorable and useful scarf out of the deal. No complaints here.

Fit to be seamed

I finished the front last night, washed all of the pieces this morning, and should have time to sew them together and add the neck this weekend.
Let’s take another look at that front, shall we? I am smitten with those cables.