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I was talking to someone recently about the differences between how I present myself on the blog here and on Twitter, what each mode of communication does for me, if there’s one I like better. The best way I could come with to describe it was that the blog is an online record of things I’ve made and done, but Twitter is just me talking and, I think, more representative of what I’m like. You know, on the inside. Gretchen Rubin points out in her post about how Twitter can make you happier that “Twitter lets you share those funny little observations that float through your head. In the same way that carrying a camera sharpens your eye, knowing that you can communicate your clever aperçus makes you more observant and wittier.” And when I look back through my twitter stream, I reconnect with my own experiences and thoughts in a way that doesn’t really happen when I read my blog archives.
That’s not necessarily a terrible thing. I do have both, after all. But it’s making me wonder if it’s time to rethink how and what I write here, if I should do it daily, if I should do it more off the cuff, if I should make it more personal. I don’t know.
A few examples. I’d forgotten writing almost all of these, but they’re all thoughts or moments I was happy to have have back in my brain:
Apr 26: Nothing like a dozen big guys in NY/NJ Fugitive Task Force vests gathering outside your building before 6am to start the day off right.
Mar 31: Talk of LA made me want to listen to Frank Black, but now the cat’s looking affronted. I should have known she’d be a Black Francis purist.
Mar 30: Scraggly-bearded teen reading Vonnegut on the train,I’m glad they’re still making your type. Carry on,young sir.There are good things ahead.
Mar 22: If you really loved me, you would buy me this taxidermied vulture:
Mar 14: Early coop shift right after DST? This is some bleary-eyed suckage right here.
Mar 11: Either I just walked through a crowd of LDS mission kids or Brooklyn youth is trending disturbingly wholesome.
Feb 19: Tried to convince my mom that ‘clodhop’ is a valid Scrabble word (singular action of a clodhopper). Alas, she’s known me a while.
Feb 3: There are very few things I dislike about apartment living, but here’s one: I can’t have a really big trampoline.
Jan 31: Copy editing tip of the day: ‘heart rendering’ means something completely different, and far smellier, than ‘heart-rending.’
Jan 10: Was excited to see ‘gypsy butler’ in a book review, imagined zesty Mr. Belvedere reboot. Alas, heroine’s name was Gypsy Butler.
Dec 22: I’m in Vermont, having a glass of wine at the bar of my brother’s restaurant. And it’s snowing. I WIN AT WEDNESDAY.
Dec 21: Dear CNN, please rethink how you define breaking news. WTF? RT @cnnbrk ZsaZsa Gabor’s husband accidentally glues eye shut with nail adhesive
Dec 15: OH on the G train: “Statue of Liberty? Lucifer. The torch symbolizes the devil.” “I thought it was just some tourist shit.”
Dec 1: Fact:A disproportionately high percentage of women in my office associate drugstore chocolate-covered cherries w fond memories of their dads.
Nov 25 (Thanksgiving): Today I’m grateful for my flaws and problems, for keeping me humble and helping me be more compassionate, flexible, human.
Nov 18: I just saw that one episode of Breaking Bad, so am willing to concede that I don’t know everything about making meth…
Nov 18: …but I’m pretty sure that the one box of cold medicine I buy every other year isn’t going to get me far, weirdly suspicious pharmacist.
Nov 11: I just heard an old man say he “doesn’t enjoy the feeling of hot liquids in [his] mouth” & didn’t burst out laughing. I think I’m broken.
Nov 5: I don’t know why people are so surprised that I, a non-smoker, always carry matches. It’s almost like they never need to start fires.
Nov 4: A romance site that doesn’t pay its writers sent a 2-line email asking me to”send out an announcement”about them. Consider it done, assholes.
Oct 25: Another fourth Monday, another contact butter high from stocking croissants at the @foodcoop.
Oct 22: Today in inadvertently dirty comments, I just told the bloodmobile guy that he was the gentlest finger-sticker I’d ever had.
Sep 16: Hey, I WAS just flying into Chicago at night, watching the lake turn the sky into blue-green smoke. #lifeimitatesLizPhairlyrics
Sep 15: Oh, Brooklyn, never change. Actually heard a guy yell, “Where’d ya get your license, a Cracker Jack box?” on my walk to work.
Aug 27: Just had a scary little moment there where I honestly couldn’t remember if ‘preparedness’ is a real word. #stillsoundsmadeup
Aug 26: .@ruhlman on green peppers, most detestable of all veg: “only one way to redeem them. Stuff them w sausage & cook them over fire, angrily.”
Aug 24: Just mistyped “Waking the Dead” as “Wanking the Dead.” That’s…a different book.
Aug 11: So, The Girl Who Played With Fire finally picked up some speed on page 707. Fuck you, Stieg Larsson.
Aug 2: If I really did have a web series about my office acted out with finger puppets, today’s episode would be amazing.
Jul 31: Skipping the Sonic Youth show tonight in favor of amateur astronomers’ event. My life is like an object lesson in how not to have sex.
Jul 30: Just made a Super Nintendo Chalmers joke that no one in the office got. My dorkiness is wasted on these people. WASTED, I say.


  1. says

    I can’t believe you made a Super Nintendo Chalmers joke AND I WAS NOT THERE. I don’t even remember seeing this in my Twitter feed and am now a little despondent. Because that shit is HILARIOUS.

  2. Lizzie says

    I’ve been out of touch with this site and with Twitter in general but these are so great I vow to keep up with you, wherever you are. Not to sound like a stalker or anything. uh…

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