Best. Kitchen. Ever.

I don’t often salivate over other people’s kitchens in magazines or online. The long-term renter in me often envies functional elements of them, sure — copious counter space, deep drawers, big sinks, natural light — but I never really look at kitchens and covet.

Until I saw this one on The Kitchn the other day.It’s warm and quirky and functional all at the same time. I love the chest of drawers for storage and what looks like a couch and that while there’s a fair bit of stuff in a rather small space, it doesn’t feel cluttered. If I or someone I loved lived in this house, I would never leave that kitchen. Since we don’t know one way or the other, I’m going to pretend there’s a wood stove in one corner and shelves full of cookbooks and board games behind us. And assume that there is a sink and a fridge somewhere handy.


  1. Paula Howe says

    but would your cat and their dog get along? I do love it, the chandelier, the yellow lamp, the green…cannisters?

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