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Five for Friday

1. I finally got around to hemming my Everyday Skirt in time to wear it to work today (and take a quick picture in that most glamorous of settings, the office-building restroom). So far, so good. It’s comfortable enough that I haven’t thought about it all day, which is one of the highest compliments I can pay a piece of clothing I want to wear a lot.

2. Related: This is a pretty extensive, though hardly exhaustive, list of independent sewing pattern designers.

3. These pictures of a 13-year-old Mongolian eagle huntress are SO GOOD.

4. On the off chance you haven’t seen today’s XKCD about free speech, it’s pretty great.

5. The second season of The Bletchley Circle started on PBS last weekend (Orphan Black is back this weekend!). Tom and Lorenzo really nail down what makes it so, so great.

Five for Friday

IMG_26441. Beet yogurt? Beet yogurt!

2. I’ve been a fan of Morbid Anatomy for a long time and their museum project looks AMAZING. They still have a way to go on their Kickstarter though.

3. I never really write about my full-time job here, but I’m pretty proud of a recent feature I wrote about streaming video services in libraries.

4. Likewise, I rarely tout my husband’s work, but I really enjoyed this interview he did with Paul Stanley of KISS, in which they talked some smack about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Rolling Stone, and the whole idea of autobiography.

5. I’m so enjoying reading about Daniel and Max’s home renovations on Manhattan Nest. Daniel’s writing is terrific (corpse tub!), they have phenomenal taste (meaning they like things I like, obviously), and their project gives what seems to be real insight into the process of buying and renovating an old house, something I’m pretty sure I never, ever want to do on that scale.