Celia, you’re breaking my heart

Except not really, because this pattern is awesome. I am one slow crocheter and even I managed to knock out Kim Werker‘s Celia Circle Scarf in three days. It would have taken even less time, but I didn’t bring a spare skein with me when I was out of town this past weekend (rookie mistake). Here it is after weaving the stitches in, but before blocking.

For some reason that I can’t quite figure out, the pattern stitch in the lower portion of mine appears to be on the diagonal, while the upper bit in the same stitch has a much stronger vertical line the way Kim’s original did. No matter. I learned some new ways of putting stitches together and towards the end, was much better at reading the fabric than I was at the beginning, which were my main goals for this project. Plus, I was able to support a friend’s creative endeavor, used up some cashmere/silk tweed yarn I’ve had hanging around for a while, and got an adorable and useful scarf out of the deal. No complaints here.


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