Change of plans

I took my ripple blanket out to work on it over the weekend. It had been a while and as I spread it out to take a look, I was forced to admit something I’d be suspecting for a while: the color order sucks.

I genuinely like all of the colors I’m using, and I thought this sort of light/dark muddy rainbow thing I had going on would work out splendidly — and when I had laid out the skeins, it did! — but when they were all actually worked up, I hated it. I particularly hated the clear purples next to the heathery spice colors and the way the blues and teals and purples all became kind of indistinguishable when placed next to each other. Plus, it was a lot wider than it needed to be and the cast-on chain or whatever it’s called in crochet was much too tight. So I ripped out the whole thing and laid the yarn out for maximum hue dispersion, all of the purples spaced as far from each other as possible, and so on. Obviously, there are no guarantees that this will work out any better, but I feel good about it.


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    Can’t believe you ripped all that out but can understand why–if it isn’t right for you, no use continuing on. But I love the circle of color you’ve got going on–should be wonderful. And hey, crochet lessons in LA???

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