Current projects

I’ve been doing pretty well at plowing through some projects that have been hanging around for altogether too long. It gets to the point where I just want them DONE. The time I spent doing production knitting for the fashion industry comes in handy here; I can really churn out product if I put my mind to it. The striped sweater has been joined for the yoke and I should be able to plow through a fair bit of that this weekend. The proportions look wonky here, since the yoke is so squished up on the needle — those sleeves look HUGE to me! even though I know they’re quite closely fitted! — but I think it’ll be good.

I’ve also been putting in some time spinning some hateful-but-pretty merino/tencel (last mentioned here, in December). The singles are done; I just need to finish plying. Then I’ll move on to something else from that post, maybe the merino/alpaca since I have the least of that.

Both the spinning and the plying are pretty deplorable here, which is what happens when you take a lifeless, overprocessed fiber that you kind of hate working with but love the color of enough to deal and spread the spinning of it out over several years in between much more interesting, enjoyable projects. It’ll be usable, one way or the other, so I’m not really worried. I’d just like it to be over.


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