It’s a little hard to imagine, on this 69F November day, that I’m going to need these anytime soon, but I know the day will come. I wished for fingerless mittens all last winter, since the heating in the office where I work was unpredictable at best. I could have broken down and bought some, or pulled myself together to knit a pair, but somehow never got around to it, mostly because any time I was in a position to do either of those things, I was somewhere warm…

Anyway, I have this lovely pair of Dashings now, knit from some leftover handspun (romney/alpaca with a bit of glitz, if I remember correctly). I think each mitt took me two evenings of not especially rigorous knitting and I’m pretty happy with how they turned out; I like how long they are and the bit of cable detailing. I’d never knit handwear before these that didn’t call for a thumb gusset though, and the sight of the thumbs jutting out of the  like that is a bit jarring. They fit comfortably enough and look fine on though, so I’m calling this a win.


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    I actually added thumb gussets to mine (my hands are perhaps abnormally wide in the gusset, I just can’t do without) and continued cables up the back of the hand. 🙂

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