Day trip

Saturday, I met my mother a bit north of the city for a day of sightseeing. She really likes visiting historic homes and I’m perfectly willing to go to one once in a while, so our first stop was Lyndhurst, one-time home of Jay Gould. (I nearly typed Stephen Jay Gould, which would be a whole other story.) I thought the grounds were a lot more interesting than the house.

From there we headed over to Blue Hill at Stone Barns. I’d never been there, but I’m a huge fan of Dan Barber and everything he’s done to make sustainable agriculture viable and visible and, frankly, kind of sexy. I’d been curious to see the operation for a long time. There is a fancy restaurant on the premises, but there’s also a nice little cafe where we got soup and sandwiches before walking around the grounds.

Escapee turkey (the little bastard hopped down, walked over to us and tried to peck me; I hope someone finds her delicious):

Maybe not the most alert livestock guardian dog I’ve ever met:

Then we went over to the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, since we both have a thing for old cemeteries. It’s a nice one, hilly and old, with some interesting monuments. Washington Irving is buried there, and plenty of people who share names with his characters (a passel of Van Tassels, for example). At one point when we were walking around, a woman drove up next to us, asked my mother if she is of Dutch descent (she is), burbled happily about how much she loves history, and then drove away, leaving the two of us open-mouthed and giggly.

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