I’ve actually already managed to knock out both of my crafty goals for January.

1. Rob’s scarf is done. That was a lot of seed stitch.

2. I finished blind stitching the binding on this quilt, so I can finally, finally use it. I made the top out of samples of silk upholstery fabric that I bought at a now-defunct thrift shop on Atlantic Avenue four apartments ago, so six years? Seven? I backed it with a zebra print because the mix of patterns and colors made me think of a certain kind of eccentric British aesthetic: manor houses filled with generations of beloved possessions, a sacrosanct cocktail hour, wellies under a silk slip with your grandmother’s Persian lamb coat, a cursed emerald as big as an egg, and a tea cozy for a hat. Those kinds of places always have a stray moth-eaten zebra rug lying around from when Great-Grand-Uncle Binty was in Kenya with Papa or whatever.
The apartment that I moved into after the one where I was living when I made it turned out to have bedbugs. (First go, I typed that as ‘badbugs,’ which they really, really are.) So it ended up being washed in super-hot water and dried to a crisp, which made some of the squares with metallic threads shrink unevenly and pull some of the seams — like the one smack dab in the middle (argh!) — out of alignment. I hid it away in despair and left it alone for a few years.
But in the spirit of not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good and also because I got tired of it taking it drawer space while being useless, I went to visit Carolyn in Chicago and had her walk me through the quilting and binding steps. And now it’s done!

Also: squirrels:


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