Dye job

This was a bit of a risky endeavor, as these things go. I knew that I’d like this sweater more if it were solid black instead of the less-appealing-to-me black and pink tweed. But dyeing whole garments is trickier than dyeing yarn or fabric, since it’s a lot harder to dye big pieces evenly. I wasn’t really worried though, since most of the sweater was already the color I was aiming for and if the pink parts took the dye unevenly it would still be more interesting than it was. I used Jacquard acid dye in black and my enormous stainless steel dyepot and was happily surprised by how evenly the dye took and how very, very black it is.

I’m pretty happy with how the sweater turned out overall. The neck is higher than I’d normally choose, but I like the sleek, fitted effect.


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