Elderflower cordial, or, I know what I’m drinking this summer

When I was in the park last weekend, I was excited to realize that both the elderflowers were in bloom AND that I had a bag with me in which I could carry some home with me. They were everywhere; even just taking a couple from each tree I passed, I ended up almost filling this bag.
20140620-072515.jpgI’ve made Leda Meredith’s elderflower champagne in previous years and it’s good [note from that link: the period when elderflowers are in bloom is known as the elderblow–how great is that?], but this year I decided to give The Wednesday Chef’s elderflower cordial a go instead. I had enough of the flowers to make a double batch, which has been sitting on the back of my stove all week until this morning when I strained it…
20140620-072530.jpg…and filled whatever jars and bottles were within reach.
20140620-072544.jpgConsidering that you only need about a tablespoon in a glass of water, I think I–and maybe everyone I know–are pretty much set for the summer. I had some in seltzer, which was lovely, but to my surprise, I actually preferred the cordial in a glass of very cold still water. The floral flavor really shines through without anything getting in the way. I imagine I’ll still manage to choke it down in a glass of prosecco though.

One note: I forgot to get citric acid, so couldn’t do the last step. Therefore, I’m considering my cordial to not be shelf stable and will be keeping all of it in the fridge.

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