Fabric that I like!

Every year without fail, the first barely perceptible stirrings of spring make me think about sewing, to the point where sometimes I haven’t even noticed anything spring-like in the air until I feel the urge to look at fabric and patterns and trace it back to not having had to wear gloves the day before. But I love the idea of sewing clothes for myself, I’m just not so great at the execution. Plus, I usually find most printed fabric to be either precious or not very interesting, so I’m happily surprised to be head over heels in love with JayMcCarroll’s Habitat collection.

Look at this!

The pixelated floral! The one where the dots are floating over another pattern!

This color story doesn’t do much for me, but you get a better look at the paint-sploshed one on the left, which I want to kiss on the mouth. Badass AND pretty. Swirly-skirted sundresses! Circle skirts! Yes!

More pictures here.


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    Yeah those are pretty cool. Ultra moderne, as the French would say. I especially like the dots floating over the other pattern. And those big flat circles that looked like they used big rusty bolts to print them with.

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