I tried another homemade nutella recipe, this time from David Lebovitz, but this one isn’t it either. The consistency is good, but somehow the dairy managed to blunt the flavors of the hazelnuts and chocolate. It just tastes like mild chocolate pudding. I *like* pudding, but if I want pudding, I’m not going to bother toasting and getting the skins off a cup and a half of hazelnuts. I’ll just make pudding.

In happier news though, I think I finally found my go-to custard recipe: 2 c. whole milk, scant 1/2 c. sugar, 3 eggs, 1 t vanilla, pinch of salt. Heat the milk ’til steaming, whisk the other ingredients together, pour the milk in slowly while whisking furiously, bake at 300F in a water bath ’til set.

This one developed a skin because I put it in the fridge overnight without covering it. Because I’m an ignorant slut. Don’t be like me.

Another way you shouldn’t be like me: don’t bother trying to see what happens if you put a spoonful of that nutella on the bottom of a couple of your custard dishes. It’ll float to the top while it bakes and dry out and be neither pretty nor delicious. The custard, though, is ACE.


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