Hitting the reset button


It’s been the kind of week where a series of minor frustrations and aggravations and other people’s snits and phlegm and egos have combined to leave me a quivering mass of raw, exposed nerves. I’m sensitive and snappish and paying too much attention to what Sarah Wilson calls “the vile, judgey voice” in my head. And I hate it.

There are ways to work myself out of this state, of course, and I’ll be doing my best to fill up the weekend with them: good food, good fiction, seeing friends, making progress on existing projects, getting outside and getting some exercise, going somewhere I haven’t been before, cleaning the apartment (no better way to redirect a bad mood, really), combing the dusty shelves in the back room at Metalliferous, being gentle with myself.


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    Ugh! That sounds like a suck ass week. I find that a good hard workout to make the sweat pour out of me really changes my mood, so excellent idea there.

    Here are some crafty ideas from Sunset magazine (don’t subscribe but like to look). I’m loving the candlestick idea, but I have a thing for spraypaint.

    I hope you have a rejuvenating weekend. If all else fails, get a bit squiffy drunk ๐Ÿ™‚

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