Homemade gifts

I did two homemade gifts this year, which is about my normal. All of my immediate family members have enough stuff from me at this point that I don’t feel compelled to make something for everyone, but I do like making stuff, so a couple of things for other people snuck into the rotation.

1. A crocheted ripple blanket in Berroco Vintage for my brother and sister-in-law (who occasionally reads this site; Anna, if you see this, at least you have some time to practice acting surprised.)
 2. A pair of Ultra Alpaca fingerless mittens (this pattern, which seems to be no longer available due to a copyright disagreement) for R’s mother. I hate buying people presents just to give them something, and I don’t feel like I know her well enough to pick out something actually thoughtful. But she has dogs to walk, so I figured something to keep her hands warm while allowing for dexterity would work.


  1. christine says

    I would like you to make me a Berroco Vintage crochet blanket in similar clours. Do you sell your work?

    I live in UK Chrisy

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