I spy with my wandering eye…

I have a whole whack of knitting projects underway already, but most if not all of them are great swathes of stockinette, either in the round or flat. It’s a little…dull. And I’ve been eyeing my Ravelery queue for something new.

1. Tatara. How amazing are these fingerless gloves from Brooklyn Tweed’s new Capsule collection? These are way up the queue, not least because I lost my favorite handknit (black cashmere!) fingerless gloves when we were in Iceland. In fact, I may run up to Purl at lunchtime today and pick up a skein of Loft so I can get going on them.

2. I have two lopapeysurs started already, but I planned those before I came across the Modern Lopi book and became a little obsessed with Rúntur and its very cool inside-out yoke. I’ve always liked sweaters that showcase the “wrong” side of colorwork, but I’ve never made one. I do recognize, of course, that this is another giant stockinette project, so it’s pretty far down the list.
Modern Lopi designs by Lars Rains

3. Speaking of another giant stockinette project—this time in fingering weight!—I can’t get my mind off Agnes, also from Brooklyn Tweed. I bought yarn to make this in Iceland so I’ll get to it eventually, but can’t justify casting on before I finish at least one other fine-gauge project.

4. The Guernsey Wrap has the kind of frequently changing simple knit-and-purl texture that’s both relaxing and interesting to knit. And it’s so pretty! But do I need another big scarf/wrap? Well… (but maybe?)

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