In which I crave vegetables and then eat them

A few dishes I can recommend when you too have those days when vegetables are pretty much all you want to eat, and you want them to be exciting and filling and varied and delicious.

1. Soba Salad With Spinach, Edamame, and Miso Dressing

What I changed: I doubled all of the vegetables except the edamame, which I recommend doing, and also doubled the noodles, which I don’t recommend, since the end of the leftovers were definitely on the gummy side, but otherwise, this was great. I used shredded kale instead of spinach and shaved the carrots with a vegetable peeler instead of chopping them. I added the edamame when the noodles were al dente-ish, then, once it came back to a boil, dropped in the kale and carrots for a second or two before draining the whole thing. This dressing is really, really delicious and, for them what cares about this sort of thing, I will point out that it doesn’t use any oil.

2. Fresh Fennel and Lemon Slaw

I don’t seem to have taken a photo of this one, but it’s a good basic that I expect I’ll have some version of in my fridge all summer: a big bowl of shredded raw vegetables with a light and tangy dressing. Most of my lunches this week were a container filled halfway with the soba salad and the rest of the way with this slaw. They made for a nice pairing.

3. Orange Pan-glazed Tempeh

My friend Zoe had made this for me once, a couple of years ago, and I’d been holding on to the recipe since then. Savory orange dishes always make me think of Chinese food, so I played up those qualities here, adding a bunch of chopped broccoli (and peeled broccoli stems) to the pan to cook for a few minutes after the tempeh browned, but before I added the sauce. The main change I made to the sauce was adding a generous shake of crushed red pepper flakes, but next time I’ll likely add some chicken or vegetable stock so it’s still saucy after the extra vegetables absorb a lot of the liquid. I ate this over brown basmati rice for dinner last night, lunch today, and — I predict — lunch tomorrow. It’s a keeper.


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    Oh my, those look delicious. I shall have to make a note.

    I’m on a veg kick right now, must be missing some vitamins. Bought the Heidi Swanson new book and it’s a winner if you’re perusing at the bookshop. Latest love is quinoa patties (croquettes if you’re southern…). Yum!

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