Infinite Variety

Infinite Variety, the Folk Art Museum’s satellite exhibition at the Park Avenue Armory, is an absolutely stunning installation of 650 red and white quilts from a single private collection. It’s one of the most amazing textile shows I’ve ever seen, and I’d even go so far as to say one of the most extraordinary experiences that I’ve had, not least because every single one of the hundreds of people in the Armory with me last night (jaded, post-work New Yorkers, most of them) was walking around in a state of child-like wonder, just barely whispering one word: “Wow.”


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    What a heartbreakingly short presentation, if only it ran a bit longer. Those pics are amazing, so I can only imagine how lovely it was in person.

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    oh how I wish i could see that in person!! and what amazing cur… curation? curatorship? um, i don’t know the word. But I’ve never seen quilts displayed like that and i LOVE it.

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