Like a record, baby

I was experimenting with the WordPress app on my phone with the last two posts and I like it pretty well (especially since I don’t have the photo-stretching issue that I often do with regular updates). It’s definitely handy, though for me it lends itself more to a quick photo update than much text (I feel like me typing on the phone kind of reads like a telegram: have spun singles stop will three-ply stop combinations as follow stop. And so on.).

But the point of those posts was that I’ve gotten back into two things I’ve been neglecting for a while: making jewelry and spinning. I’m going to have a table selling jewelry at the Berry Park Holiday Market — Berry St. and N. 14th in Brooklyn on December 5 (12-6) — and wanted to make some new stuff for that. I unpacked all of my shiny, shiny supplies, but I was really feeling awful all weekend and didn’t do much more than poke at ’em and push ’em around the table while consuming my weight in cough drops.

I did, however, spend a significant time at my wheel for the first time in months. I’m not interested in having less than a sweater’s worth of any handspun yarn and have gotten in the habit of buying at least a pound and a half of whatever fiber I get, so it’s usually pretty boring for me to post about spinning (still spinning that same stuff! wheel goes round! bag still full! or, for the last few months: nope, haven’t done that lately!). But when I pulled out the bag with what I had left of the batch of wool/silk tweed I was working on, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was down to about four ounces. I put on the audiobook of The Amber Spyglass and spun along in a cold-medicine-induced haze.

Unspun fiber.

Then I was done, but still felt like spinning (and, more importantly, wasn’t really feeling up to doing anything else), so I started plying and filled four bobbins lickety-split.

And I love it. I love that it’s tweedy without being muddy, that it’s substantial with being too heavy, and that the three-ply construction makes for a rounder strand than my usual two-ply. It’s probably about an aran weight. I’m going to wait until I have a final yardage measure before I start thinking about projects, but in the meantime, I’ll just be staring at it adoringly.


  1. Catherine says

    Love the yarn! I’ve been trying to do a bit more spinning lately myself, but in my case it’s all 4 oz of this, 4 oz of that. Lots of small projects in my future.

    Whose feet in the first pic? Looks like Cyra, except she does that very ladylike feet-together thing. Only thing remotely ladylike about her.

  2. Paula Howe says

    fabulous yarn! and why don’t you introduce us to your black cat , who also seems to be in love with your fabulous yarn?

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