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20140728-082334.jpgI worked on my bat dress this weekend, and it went pretty smoothly until I set the sleeves in, mostly because of my lack of experience with setting in sleeve caps with woven fabrics but also because sewing is stupid and I hate it.

No, not really. But maybe a little?

Doing things you’re not good at frequently enough to become good at them is really hard and disheartening and also the only way to get good at anything. Ugh. Everything is just the worst.


  1. says

    I read a LOT of sewing blogs and MANY of them have been suggesting lately to, if possible, change the order and sew sleeves in flat, then seam the sides of the dress (and sides of sleeve) in one fell swoop, instead of setting in the sleeves.

    • sklose says

      That’s what I did! But then I thought they were too tight and took one off and was going to just bind the armhole instead. But now the armhole looks weird to me and I think I need to sew the sleeve back in. #woe

  2. says

    This is exactly why I don’t sew garments anymore. Too much disappointment per time invested. But you are stronger than I and can do this thing!

    Oh Fuzz, how I love thee….

  3. Cassandra says

    So, the flat sew thing is supposed to be less good for wovens because…something I don’t fully understand about the 3D nature of arms and bodies. Most sleeves caps are not front-to-back symmetrical, because bodies, and I think this is related.
    And the armscye is probably too deep for being sleeveless – to make a sleeved thing sleeveless, I’ve read that you need to raise the armhole.

    Your cat is cute though, even if sewing is stupid. xx

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