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Last weekend, I had an overwhelming urge to cast on for a new sweater, one that I would just knit straight from the pattern without designing it myself or rewriting for a gauge difference or reworking elements to be more to my taste. So I did, more or less.

I’ve had this Teva Durham pattern from the winter 99/00 issue of Vogue Knitting on my radar for a while. I wanted a pullover since I’ve been knitting a lot of cardigans lately and I really like the mix of textures and how smoothly the pattern transitions between them. I like that it’s closely fitted at the shoulder, which makes a huge difference in how well a sweater fits (and therefore flatters) me. I didn’t quite meet my goal of a project with no changes, but the ones I’m making are fairly straightforward: leaving off all the foofaraw on the bottom and doing besides the slit and pom-poms at the neck. I’m using some Aracaunia Nature Wool that I had ordered online a year or so ago thinking that it was a pretty dark pink color. When it showed up was a kind of dead pinky-wine color, so I overdyed it with (I think, it’s been a while) some burgandy and a little black and it’s a much more interesting darker plum now.


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    Nice sweater choice! That yoke is so pretty! I must admit I’m glad you opted to forgo the striped bit. I think I know what she was getting at, but I don’t think it’s working.

    Lovely new digs too.

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