New projects

After my recent finishing frenzy, which also includes Osmena:
I’ve been in the mood for some new projects. To that end, I cast on for the purlbee’s Herringbone Cowl in Water Green Malabrigo. It’s not a color that I’m typically drawn to, but it’s working for me. Plus, Lady Emily Ashworth is always described as being dressed in very flattering “water green silk” in Anne Perry’s Thomas Pitt mysteries — I like the William Monk series better, but still read all of ’em — and Lady Emily and I have the same coloring. Inasmuch as fictional and non-fictional people can be said to resemble each other, that is. The stitch pattern is not my favorite to work, but I love love love the result.
I’ve been plotting some non-yarn crafts too. These geometric coasters are great and would work well to use up scraps. And I love the idea of these stamped tea towels.

Um, holy crap. I did a quick google to find some fun stamps for that project and there is a serious rubber stamp rabbit hole on the internet. I just fell down it. This site of Edward Gorey-related ones is awesome. The “geekery” section of the rubber stamp category on etsy has some good stuff. Geometry stamps! Who doesn’t love Abraham Lincoln? A number of etsy sellers offer custom portraits, which could be a weirdly hilarious gift for everyone you know (Merry Christmas! It’s my face! On a towel!). Old-timey monsters. Yellow Owl Workshop has some seriously awesome stamp sets. Turn everyone into Victorian gentlemen. And in the event that you have any ferret-themed rubber stamp needs, this site will meet them handily.

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