November in Green-Wood

This past weekend, Rob’s band was playing out of town (at the bachelorette party for this wedding), which gave me the opportunity to do some of the things I used to do more when I was single, such as eat a pile of crepes with jam and sour cream at 3:00 in the afternoon or spend a few hours wandering around a graveyard by myself.

It’s no secret that Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery is one of my favorite places , and I especially like it this time of year when the light is low and the shadows are lengthened and the fall colors are spectacular. I was re-listening to the audiobook of Gillian Flynn’s debut, Sharp Objects, while I was walking, which is not a particularly scary book, really, but it is intensely creepy and makes a deeply satisfying background narrative to feeling one’s way through the ankle-deep leaves on frost-heaved paths (is there solid footing under there or am I about to twist an ankle?) and filling one’s pockets with shiny, useless conkers, should you be looking for one this fine November.

The teeny-tiny speck in the sky is one of half a dozen red-tailed hawks that were lazily circling near the entrance where the wild parrots live


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