Ombre handspun project

Last summer, I assessed my spinning-fiber stash and realized that it didn’t really contain much of the kinds of fiber that I like to spin (minimally processed, generally carded over combed, enough for a large sweater–at least a pound and a half). There were a few kinds of commercially prepared merino-blend top in amounts ranging from 4-10 oz. or so that were very pretty, but that I wouldn’t really have much use for on their own. They looked beautiful together though, so I embarked on a project that I’ve been chipping away at since then and am within a few hours’ work of finishing.

The dark gray is merino/tencel, the red is merino/alpaca, and the silver is merino/silk. I’ll probably have another two skeins of the silver once I finish that up. There’s one skein each of red/dark gray and red/silver, but varying amounts of the solids. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it; initially I was thinking a top-down sweater, possibly another Alga, but since the yarn has been spun over such a long period of time, it may not be consistent enough for that much stockinette. A garter stitch wrap would look great, but I don’t know how much use I’d get out of it.

Mostly though, I’m just so happy to be coming to the end of this project. This kind of fiber makes a perfectly nice yarn, but the heavy processing and leaves it feeling dead in the hands as far as spinning goes. Happily, that won’t be the case for my Rhinebeck fleece, which is all washed and waiting for my to clear off my bobbins and get going on it.

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