Paint it black

I recently came into possession of eight glass candlesticks when I made an offhand comment about not having any to a friend of my in-laws who was looking to offload some.


I’ve always admired the Mosser glass candlesticks from Schoolhouse Electric and, since my benefactress had assured me that these weren’t anything particularly special or valuable, I got it in my head to try spray painting a few of them.


There isn’t really anywhere I can do a spray-painting project at home, but luckily we spent this past weekend at my mother-in-law’s house in Connecticut. I used three thin coats of this spray paint in flat black, which went on very smoothly and dried surprisingly quickly, and I completely love how they turned out.   


Unfortunately, they’re a little dinged up right now since they were on the floor of the backseat when we were going home and a bag of groceries fell on them when Rob hit the brakes hard to avoid running into someone who cut him off on some parkway or other, so they should probably get another coat of paint at some point. I still love them though.




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