Painted tea towels

A few weeks ago, I went to a fantastic presentation of Marimekko designers talking about their inspiration and process. It was put on by the Cooper-Hewitt as part of the Made By Hands initiative, and it made me long to go to Finland and become a textile designer and live on a tiny island near Helsinki where the light is incredible and eat rye toast with goat cheese for breakfast every day. More immediately, though, I was inspired to pull out some fabric paints I’ve had around for a while and paint some tea towels.

I gave both of these away to two friends who happened to both turn 40 in November, but I’d love some for myself. These blank towels are the ones sold by Sublime Stitching, and they really are great. I had a blank floursack towel too that I tried painting, but it really needs a more substantial base like these. I’d love to buy 10 yards or so of good, heavy cotton or linen, hem it up myself, and make a huge pile of these.


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