Possibly a record

I’ve been in the mood to knit something super simple, something that requires minimal attention while I’m watching tv or waiting for a pot to boil. For Christmas, Rob’s mom had given me four big skeins of yarn from the Shetland sheep on the farm where she does her CSA and I haven’t been sure what I wanted to do with it. I didn’t think it was enough for a sweater on its own, but it didn’t really work with any other yarn that I had on hand.


But I figured it was worth trying and decided to start with the back. Since the back, front, and sleeves all take roughly an equivalent amount of yarn, if it took much more than one skein, I’d have to figure out a way to stretch the yarn for the rest of the garment. (I was thinking striped sleeves.) Happily though, I only had to break into the second skein for the last couple of inches of the yoke, so I’ll be able to knock it out with what I have.

I started last Sunday, and what’s pictured here is what I had done as of the end of last night’s Mad Men (back, one and a half sleeves). I’m not sure that I’ve ever worked on a single project start to finish without working on something else for a while, so it’s a bit of an experiment in project monogamy too. I’ll confess that I’m getting a little itchy to play around with something else, but I’m going to power through it.

I think I’m going to use the reverse stockinette as the right side. The yarn is a bit thick and thin, so the wrong side really shows it off to its best advantage.



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