Project round-up

This weekend, I pulled out all of the projects I have underway.

I’ve posted about the ripple blanket plenty of times before and the handspun sweater above it has gotten a little attention too. All of that grey in the top right is a design that’s underway. The cream and black swatches are for a new design too, one that I’m pretty excited about. The black and grey striped piece was started in a fit of I WANT A CHIC STRIPED SWEATER, but because it’s relatively fine gauge and I’ve been working on other stuff, it hasn’t gotten that far. I still do want a chic striped sweater though, so I’m not giving up on it. I hadn’t been planning to write up the pattern, since it’s pretty simple — four-row stripes in the round, raglan, probably a simple scoopneck or boatneck — but now that I think about it, it might make a good free pattern. We shall see.

Then there are two fine-gauge scarves, one in a very cool laceweight ombre yarn and one in some gorgeous dusky blue suri alpaca laceweight that I’ve had since at least 2005. I remember buying it at a Stitches Market back when I worked in the yarn biz, roughly a hundred million thousand years ago. Or so it feels. I had played around with the ombre when I first got it, thinking that it would be great in a stitch pattern or interestingly shaped scarf/shawl. Honestly though, when I think about the finished item, a stockinette rectangle is what I want. It’s rarely, if ever, what I want to knit though, so there’s been very little progress.

It’s not actually that many projects, especially considering the way I like to work, but it’s starting to feel a little oppressive, maybe just because none of them are anywhere near being finished. Ah well. The only way out is through. Or something.


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