Ripple me this…

A very good friend of mine was married a couple of weeks ago. I offered to make them a ripple blanket as their gift, since I knew she’d liked the others I’ve made and I’d just been waiting until I could see all of the Cascade 220 colors in person before I got started. I went to Webs this past week while Rob and I were gallivanting around New England and came up with a combination of three neutrals and nine colors that I like together.

I’m two stripes in and like it so far, so we’ll see…

In other project news, I’m a few inches short of the armhole on a Folded out of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn that used to be a bright bubblegum pink, but I overdyed with a little bit of black. And I started a Milkweed Shawl with a random ball of tweedy Shetland that may or may not be enough to finish it. If not, I have enough black yarn of a similar gauge that will work. It’s a very easy project, but still requires enough attention to keep from getting too bored; I’m enjoying it.

Season two of Sherlock is on PBS tonight, which is pretty exciting news in this household, I have a big pot of green chili with pork and hominy ready to go–I should take a picture of it later and write up the recipe; it’s quick and delicious–and still have to knock out a freelance piece, run a couple of errands, and figure out what I’m wearing to my first day at the new job tomorrow(!) before I can relax for the night. On to it…



  1. says

    Love the colors for the ripple blanket! Man, is that an act of love and awesome gift. Also, I’ve got a big can of hominy and want that recipe, and to hear about the new job. Hope you’re well, seems like it! xo H

  2. says

    Oh! We preordered Sherlock S2on Sherlock on itunes and are just waiting to see if it downloads tonight or in the AM. Can’t. Wait.

    (also, pretty knitting!)

  3. Vicky says

    Someone knitted me a blanket about five years ago…it is my go-to blanket when I’m cold, and so well-loved!

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