Since the last time I posted…

…I got a nice promotion at work and got engaged. We’re getting married in early September, mainly because we’d rather be married than have hand-gilded napkins or whatever it is that takes people so long to pull together, plus both the best man (who works for SNL) and my brother (who owns a restaurant) have very limited weekend availability that doesn’t match up very often. So it was either get married September 7 or wait until sometime next year, which neither of us was particularly interested in doing.

It helped that we found a venue we really liked the first day we looked that was both less expensive than we were expecting and available when we wanted it: a big, sprawling, weird old country inn up the road from Rob’s mom’s house in Connecticut. It has a huge deck over a creek, tons of room for dancing, farm implements and other ephemera all over the place (it had an incarnation as an antique store), and a gloriously creepy mannequin at the bar.

I have to say, I love wedding planning. I wouldn’t want to do it in any circumstance where Rob and I are not making the final call on everything, but it is a blast. We’re basically just throwing a party for people we love to all come and be happy at us at the same time. And what’s not to love about that?


  1. Natalie B says

    Yay!! congrats on both fronts! I felt the same way about my wedding. We had such a great time because we invited people we loved and did things that we enjoyed. Pretty easy peasy! September is a beautiful time of year for a wedding.

  2. Ashley says

    Stephanie, I am sooooooo thrilled for you! Congratulations! (And I bet you didn’t know I still read your blog, but I never left!) ๐Ÿ™‚

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