Speaking of scarves…

I do have some in progress already, though looking at them all in one place, it occurs to me that I might want to think about knitting something in a color. Or at least a different shade of grey. Or not. Whichever.

1. The porcupine stitch scarf (first blogged here) continues apace.

2. Likewise, the ombre scarf I first mentioned here continues to grow slowly. I tend to carry around with me and do a couple of rows when I have a chance. It kind of looks like a crumpled mess from being, well, crumpled up so much, but it’ll block out beautifully.

3. And I started a Calais shawl with some fingering-weight merino I’ve had around for ages. I bought it coned and never really knew how much I had, but the nice thing about this pattern is that I can keep going on that last section until I run out of yarn.


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