Washi II

20140724-074608.jpgThis is the exact same pattern as this Washi dress, but worked up in Nani Iro cotton double gauze. The fabric is a dream to sew, especially after that nasty poly satin, which slithered all over the place and promptly sprung back from any attempts to press hems up and whatnot. Double gauze holds pressed folds like a dream and gripped itself quite obligingly–I barely needed pins–and is soft and lightweight and just altogether lovely. Most of the patterns and colorways are a little sweet for my taste, but these floral rings are both pretty and geometric and the background is my favorite shade of purple-gray. The yardage is narrow though; I didn’t have enough of it for the pockets and ended up using some lavender cotton scraps.

Next up: the hidden bats dress.

The best summer dress

I’ve written before about how much I love the no-longer-being-produced Mociun tie-front dress and how happy I was to realize that one of the Washi Dress expansion pack variations is a dead ringer for it. I finally finished a version of it this weekend and I love it unreservedly.

I wore it Friday night with heels to go out to dinner with Rob, then with sandals on Saturday when I was going to be meeting a bunch of new people and just pulled it on today with silver clogs, knowing that I’m going to be seeing a couple of my most stylish ladyfriends tonight, so I think it may officially be my new favorite dress.
10464061_10202672659312536_4493005448547722768_nIf I’d known how much I was going to like it, I would have done a better job putting it together though. I was really just thinking of this as a test run. I’m out of muslin so decided to try the pattern out using some cheap poly satin I had a fair bit of yardage of. Years ago, my mom and I had bought all of it that was left on the bolt, getting a big discount, and split it. I’ve never really known what to do with it though since the pattern is attractive but the fabric itself is so shiny and cheap looking. I figured I’d get it rid of it by testing the pattern, but when I got it out, I realized that the wrong side is actually pretty great looking, so that’s what’s on view. It made assembly tricky though, since the sides facing each other for all the sewing were really slippery.
-1I’m not sure the degree of shininess really comes through here; that’s the “wrong” side on the left and “right” side on the right:
20140618-072402.jpgThe dress came together very easily and quickly. It’s fitted with bust darts and an elastic casing at the back, so there’s no zipper to insert. It’s fitted enough on top that it doesn’t look like a sack, but it’s loose enough to be light and breezy and comfortable all summer. It looks good on its own or with a cardigan or blazer over it or tights or leggings under it, so depending on the fabric, it’ll work for all but the very bitterest cold days. I want to make half a dozen of them. I ordered some of this gorgeous Nani Iro double gauze for my next one; I can’t wait.

Five for Friday

11238715056_e0ac1a01b0_b1. Good news! The Washi Dress Expansion Pack has a variation that’s exactly what I was looking for to replicate the Mociun tie-front dress I’m obsessed with. Better news: it looks relatively straightforward to sew and doesn’t have a zipper, my bête noire.

2. I know, I really should just practice at setting in zippers until I’m not a-feared of them anymore. I know.

3. Bad news for no one but me: I lost my favorite Tiro Tiro necklace at some point last night. I assume it fell off during the walk from the main branch of the Brooklyn library, where I’d been attending an event, and the Jamaican restaurant a few miles away where I had dinner.  I don’t generally mourn lost or broken possessions; things come into our lives and move out again and that’s absolutely fine and as it should be. But I’d scrimped a bit to buy this one, I wore it all the time, and I really loved it. Rob offered to go look for it, but that’s a long stretch of a busy road and it’s going to be raining all day. I hope someone found/finds it who likes it and wears it a lot.

4. I really want to do this dumpling tour of Sunset Park. Dumplings are my favorite food group. If my last name were spelled slightly differently, my very name, if one spoke German, would be Stephanie Dumpling. Dumplings, man. The best.

5. I submitted my wedding dress to be considered for a Crafty Award. There is a panel of judges, but apparently votes matter too, so if you’re inclined to go vote for me, I’d really appreciate it. In fact, if you do vote, let me know (comment here, email me, tweet at me, whatever) and I’ll keep a list and pick someone at random to send some of my homemade soap.