Test soap

20140312-081941.jpgWith work, freelance projects, a houseguest, and the rassin’ frassin’ time change, I haven’t made much of anything in the last week or so, save a really good pizza I forgot to photograph and another test batch of soap. This was my first time using cocoa butter, which I like in theory, but it took ages to melt and much longer to reach trace, so I don’t know that I’ll be going out of my way for it in future batches. Unless this batch turns out to be AMAZING, of course. But I won’t know for sure for another four weeks. It was very soft when I sliced it the next day, but seems to be hardening nicely as it cures.

I’m so glad I’ve been playing around with this again–it’s like being both a mad scientist and a magician. I just ordered a bunch of oils to try out that I haven’t used before and am thinking that I need to find something around here to use as a mold for test batches. This makes four pounds of soap, which is fine, but if I’m trying out a lot of different formulations, I’d rather make smaller amounts first.


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