The quest continues

I am on an ongoing, somewhat quixotic, quest for the perfect knit turban pattern. (Beside the one I linked to there, which has since been ripped out, there was another one I tried to knit in pieces that was decidedly not a success, but I can’t seem to lay my hands on the post right now.) There’s just something so batty-chic about a turban, it really goes with the impoverished aristocrat style I’m playing with this winter.

I thought Imagiro had possibilities:
It’s not quite a turban, but it definitely has pleasing, turban-like qualities.

So I dug out some stash yarn, a lovely charcoal/black tweed that was labeled Shetland when I bought it, but I don’t believe it; it’s too soft and lack Shetland’s characteristic wooliness. I just found a fantastic vintage fuchsia and charcoal houndstooth Harris Tweed coat at a thrift shop recently, and have been wanting some neutral accessories to wear with it so I look less like a knitter-clown. (We all know the knitter-clowns, don’t we? All of their accessories–and frequently their clothes–are different, usually hand-painted colorways; each piece may be lovely on its own, but the overall effect is a bit…cacophonous.)

The knitting is extremely straightforward, just a garter stitch rectangle that’s shaped through some origami-style folding that I’m not sure I did altogether correctly.

I like the finished hat, whether it’s exactly the way it’s supposed to be or not, and have worn it every day this week to, I daresay, some modest acclaim, but I can’t say that it’s the knit turban I’ve been dreaming about. So the quest continues. I have a vintage pattern that has both ‘stocking’ and moss stitch variations that’s in the line-up, and I have good feelings about Gazost, which looks like it’ll work up quickly at the very least.


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