Things I bought that I love: Lush shampoo (and cough drops)

I’m sad that Mindy Kaling seems to have stopped writing her Things I’ve Bought That I Love posts because they were highly entertaining and helped maintain my delusion that she and I are, like, medium-close friends and so she would naturally tell me about the new light fixture in her bedroom or what kind of lipstick she likes. But the fact that her stuff seems to be on hiatus makes me feel slightly less guilty about co-opting her title here for when I want to recommend something I really like purely for the enthusiasm of it.

I went down a little Martha-Stewart-Pine-Bros-cough-drops rabbit hole just now because I was going to use that as an example of someone endorsing a product purely for the love of it, but it turns out that she was compensated. For the record, I liked Pine Bros. cough drops just fine, even before I saw her ad, and keep them in my desk at work. That said, they’re no Ricola dual-action cherry cough drops, which are the actual best, or Fisherman’s Friend, which are second best.

Also for the record, I’m not compensated in any way for any of this, despite the fact that some of you may well now go out and buy some new cough drops, because I don’t understand how affiliate programs work except the part where it helps to have reader numbers in the double digits before you bother with them.

I didn’t make my elaborate list of ideas for the year ahead this year, but one of the things that was sort of floating around in the my back of my mind for 2014 was the idea of upping my game in terms of Product. I’d been using Trader Joe shampoo and some lotion and whatnot that was fine, but nothing special, and I decided that I wanted to find products I really, really dug with packaging I enjoyed looking at and that would smell super good, and even if it worked no better than the other stuff, it would still be a nice way to elevate my daily routine.

These are both awesome:

The Big shampoo is some kind of magic potion that actually manages to give my fine, limp hair some body, and it smells lovely–light and citrusy with just a hint of salt. It cost more money than I probably spent on shampoo in the previous two or three years combined, but A. that wasn’t a lot of money, B. you only need to use the tiniest amount–a dab, really–to work up tons of lather, so it’ll last for ages, and C. as magic potions go, it’s a bargain. The honey shampoo does what it’s supposed to, in that it cleans my hairs, but its real value lies in the fact that it smells divine.


  1. melissa says

    I miss Mindy’s posts too, but I’m so glad you did one! I’ll have to check out those cough drops (and maybe the shampoo too!).

  2. says

    I’m a HUGE Lush convert, myself. Just discovered them around xmas and have already ordered a couple of times. Love their Back to Breakfast body wash and their Honey I Washed The Kids soap. Their face products are good, too (cleansers, moisturizers). My favorite is their Buffy Bar.

  3. says

    my favorite lush product is one of their bathbombs. I can’t remember the name of it, but it’s got avocado and lemongrass mixed together and it’s so good.

    their store, however, is so overscented, it’s a horror show for someone with lots of allergies (a.k.a. ME). the minute I walk in, I start sneezing up a storm.

  4. says

    Ok while we’re here (though clearly I’m a little behind on blog posts), you have given me a venue to rant about my current obsession – OILS! Yes. First, it was a body oil by J.R. Watkins. I love it! Obsessed! I never used lotion before but now I’m literally addicted. It makes me grouchy to leave the house without spraying some on. It does leave the bathroom floor a little, um, shiny, though. From there I moved on to Boscia facial oils – the gel cleanser and the facial oil. Oil! YOu put on your face! On purpose! I know that sounds crazy, and my face is partly oil, but I love it so far. It’s been about a month now. Obsessed.

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