Thumbs down (I think) on this ruffle skirt

The Coastal Curtsy Skirt first came to my attention when Carolyn made her version of it. It seemed like my ideal sewing project: relatively low skill, but looking like something I’d happily buy off the rack.

Best viewed at a distance

I ordered the ruffle fabric and some wide elastic to go with it, and finally got around to putting it together last weekend. The part that took the longest, by far, was pinning the fabric together to match the ruffles. The fabric is pretty heavy and slinky and I found it difficult to control. The actual sewing part was extremely quick, since it’s just one straight seam.

I need to redo the waistband, since I followed the directions without really thinking about it. Lack of critical thinking will always come back to bite you in the ass: when will I learn this? She calls for making the waist a little smaller than your actual waist, but since I have a pretty significant differential between my natural waist and my hips, an even smaller waist that needs to be pulled over those hips means popping stitches every time I put it on or take it off, so it needed to be mended before it was even 100% complete. Also, I think the applied elastic that the pattern calls for looks cheap, even when turned to the inside. So, if I’m going to get any wear out of this skirt, which I would like to, not least because the fabric was not inexpensive, I need to make the waist opening larger, which also means it’ll sit lower, and figure out a way to put the elastic on that doesn’t make me sad.

Unsurprisingly, I guess, it turns out that I feel about novelty fabrics like this the same way I feel about novelty yarns: sure, they’re high impact and can boost a beginner’s confidence in her ability to produce a wearable project. But they both leave me cold. At this point in my life, I’m just going to be happier making things that    may take longer and require more of an investment in skills development. Basically, I finished this project and instead of thinking, look at this great skirt I just made!, thought, I really need to step up my game and improve my sewing skills so I can turn out clothes I’m actually proud of having made. I’d like my handmade projects to be more couture than Forever 21.


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    I think it is cute and it looks well on you. If you can fix the top so it’s a super comfy wear it on pms day skirt, that would be a win. I would also be tempted to shorten it. Have you tried pinning up to mid knee or so to see how you like that? It’s a cute flirty skirt so a shorter length may be just the ticket.

    Either way, keep sewing 😉 Maybe an easy (and free pattern) Sorbetto or other wearable basic will help the sewing mojo.

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    I think it looks great! I guess it didn’t turn out as you had hoped, but it looks good on you in your pictures! I love the colour that you chose.

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    You need to pull that man off the sofa to help you take better photos! It’s hard to see how the skirt looks. It looks good through the mirror of darkness.

    I love those ruffled kids leggings!

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