Turkey burgers: finally, a use for chutney

Chutney is one of those things I’ve never really known how to use. It’s too savory to use on toast or in crepes the way I would with jam, but it’s too sweet to deploy as a sauce in most of the places I’d want to use sauce. I know “serve with cheese” is a standard instruction, but when I eat cheese, I want to taste the cheese. So, as much as I’ve always liked the idea of chutney, I never really used it for anything.


I was making turkey burgers for dinner one night last week and was looking around the fridge for anything to throw into the meat mixture to make it taste like something when I found a jar of tomato-apple chutney in the door. The jar dates back to when I was writing for Serious Eats, and I think I had used a spoonful or so in a salad dressing a few months ago, but otherwise I hadn’t done anything with it for all of the reasons listed above. It turns out that the chutney was put to perfect use here: it adds a little moisture and flavor to the meat itself, and then works perfectly as a condiment with some sharp cheddar on the burgers themselves. This entire meal is now officially going into the regular dinner rotation.

Turkey burgers
1 lb. ground turkey
approx. 3 tbsp. chutney of your choice
approx. 2 tbsp. ground parmesan
2 tsp. seasoned salt
Mix together until well blended; form into patties. (I got five patties from the pound of turkey, but I was trying to make them on the small side to eat on english muffins.) Cook in a lightly oiled pan over medium heat until browned on both sides and cooked through. Serve on buns or english muffins with cheddar and more chutney.

The sweet potato fries I made to go with them were even easier: cut two sweet potatoes into matchsticks, toss with olive or coconut oil, sprinkle with salt, and cook on a cookie sheet in a 400-degree oven until they’re well browned on at least one side, stirring occasionally.



    • sklose says

      If you let them get brown enough, they do get crunchy. You have to let them go past the point where you think they’re done though.

  1. Tracey says

    I find chutney too sweet for most Inidan food but it is heaven with macaroni and cheese. It makes the cheese really stand out. (Your turkey burgers sound good too – trying to figure out whether it would work in a vegetarian version…)

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