Unfinished projects

I had to move my bin of spinning fiber to get some winter clothes out of my above-closet storage space over the weekend and poking through it, was kind of amazed to see how many of them I’d already started spinning.

Going clockwise from left, we have:

  • about 8 oz. of alpaca/silk fiber with more than 1000 yards of sportweight yarn
  • 5 oz. merino/tencel and 120 or so yards of dk yarn, plus singles on a storage bobbin
  • 4ish oz. of merino/alpaca and more than 400 yards of fingering/sportweight yarn.
  • 6ish oz. of merino/silk and 120ish yards of dk yarn, plus some singles

I really like all of the completed yarn, but it’s not the kind of spinning I enjoy. It’s all pretty heavily processed fine fiber, while I’m partial to less processed fiber that has a little bite to it. My number-one favorite thing to spin is naturally colored wools lightly carded with dyed silk or mohair. I would never, ever, in a million years buy a commercial merino-blend spinning fiber these days. Still, though: I dig the yarns. I think the blue and light gray would make a terrific striped pullover. If I spin up the rest of that black and white alpaca/silk, I’ll have enough of that to make pretty much any garment I could possibly want. And maybe a matching blanket. The merino/alpaca is a gorgeous, subtle black-and-jewel-tone tweed that would be spectacular in a lace wrap.

So I’m going to spin it all. Probably slowly and not without some under-the-breath muttering. But I vow to work at it for at least 15 minutes a day, and eventually it’ll all get done.


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