What’s been cooking: a few highlights

This Brazilian fish stew, moqueca, was absolutely delicious: ¬†tomatoes, peppers, coconut milk, onion, and citrus. The fish is marinated in lime juice before being cooked and I remember thinking that was strange, since it would be ceviche-ified before it was cooked, but it ended up making perfect sense; “cooking” it a little beforehand helped keep it from falling apart in the liquid.

I used salmon instead of a white fish, since I had some nice wild salmon in my freezer, and doubled all of the vegetables so the final product was more stew-like than the original. It’s actually been a while since I made this, but I do remember it being extraordinarily easy, since all of the ingredients are coarsely chopped, layered in a pan, then left alone until everything cooks through.

 Everything layered in the pan.

The somewhat lurid finished product. Recommended.

It’s getting a little past prime grilling season, but these salt and vinegar grilled potatoes could be done on a grill pan or under the broiler easily enough.

You take some potatoes, cut them lengthwise, simmer them in white vinegar until almost done, and grill them. I thought that cooking them in straight vinegar would be a little much of a muchness and used half water/half vinegar for the cooking liquid, but they really were milder than I would have liked. Original recipe here.

And, finally, a recipe that’s going to see a lot of play this fall and winter for its ease of preparation, inexpensive ingredients, reasonably healthful qualities, and general deliciousness: Kenji’s Pasta e Fagioli.


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