Winding down Twenty Ten

I finally finished the collar and sleeves on my Twenty Ten cardigan this weekend. I had thought I’d end up having to buy buttons for it since there are 13 buttonholes and I knew I didn’t have nearly enough of anything in the right size. But I found a few mismatched options when I started poking around in my button box. I was tempted to finally put some of my mother-of-pearl button stash to use, but ended up liked the way the more colorful hodge-podge laid out in the photo looked instead. (Those branches in the vases are part of my table display for the Berry Park Holiday Market happening this Sunday, Dec. 5 at Berry Park, 4 Berry St. in Williamsburg, from 12-6. I’ll be there selling jewelry, other people will be selling other stuff, there will be booze: should be fun.)

This was actually my second attempt at the collar and sleeves. For the first go-round, I had ignored the numbers in the pattern because they seemed far too low, and picked up as many stitches as I thought would work. The results were … unsuccessful, as this terrible cell-phone photo shows:

Lumpy sleeves, collar devouring my head

It feels good to have this one almost done. It took a weirdly long time to knit, considering that it’s chunky yarn and has short sleeves, and I’ll be very happy to move it from the project basket to a dresser drawer. It would be nice to end 2010 with no long-standing projects still in the works, especially since I have several ideas for new designs I’d love to focus on next year. I should sort through the bins and bags this week and see what I unearth.


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    I like the hodge podge of mismatched buttons as well. You’re style is minimalist & mostly monochromatic so these add a bit of color and whimsy!

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